Fun With The Kids

With Kids, Anything Can Happen

I love to do things with my children. They came out to help me dig holes to put in the swing set that we had purchased. One of the things that we discovered about our new home, was that the top soil was pretty shallow, and under that loomed a field of boulders. The rocks were so big that I couldn’t just dig around them. I purchased a steel bar that was as tall as I was, and attempted to break up the rocks so that I could get them out of the holes. at times we had to hammer the steel bar with a sledge hammer. We finally cleared the rocks from the post holes, but the holes were significantly wider than I had anticipated.

My kids found that they were just the right width to pop into, and that made for the funniest pictures.

As I was contemplating how to make coloring pages that would be fun and unique, I ran into some of these old scanned photos. I realized that they could add some humor to the coloring pages.

Here is a page from my coloring book Funny Kids:

(Colored by )

Here is the cover of the Coloring Book:

And here is a link to the book on Amazon:

Funny Kids

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