Kids Do and Say The Funniest Things

Kids do Funny Things

I love hanging out with my kids. I try to do things with them, like play games and go on outings. They bring me a lot of joy. What I notice is that they can do and say the funniest things. Sometimes, I think they ham it up just for me, but usually what they say and do is purely spontaneous and just brightens up my day.


That spontaneous and funny things that children do are the basis of my new coloring book, “Funny Kids, Mandalas and Humor“.  Help me celebrate our funny kids by downloading the coloring page above. Just right click, then download with the “save image as” options.

If you get a chance, just pop over to Amazon, and read about my Funny Kids coloring book.

Please download your Free Coloring Book now, and start de-stressing for the holidays.



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